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About Swaggarlicious
Manisha Tailor MBE is the founder of Swaggarlicious who uses the power of football and education to engage with diverse community groups and organisations, including women and girls and adults with mental illness to lead a healthy lifestyle and develop life-long learning skills.
By profession Manisha is a qualified head-teacher, primary school trained with a Masters Degree, and more than 15 years of experience working in schools across the UK and Internationally.  She also holds the prestigious UEFA B Licence in Football Coaching and Advanced Youth Award.  
  • Manisha is a fantastic role model for women in her community with a real life case study that if you are willing to challenge yourself you can succeed

    Ciara Allen
    Arsenal Ladies FC
  • Manisha is an inspiration to both men and women alike, of all ages and ethnic backgrounds. She has continued to succeed in all aspects of her work within the professional games, despite adversity and circumstance.

    Bobbie Chahal
    Sky’s Soccer AM
  • She is an ambassador for women in sport

    Darren Smith
    London FA


Our Wellbeing programmes recognises the importance of raising awareness of mental health. It is an initiative that provides education on championing mental health and wellbeing through:

  • Student workshops
  • Adult training
  • Online webinar series
  • Public Speaking
  • 50 Wellbeing Lessons for the Diverse Primary Classroom: Teaching Through Inclusive Practice

“Becoming a young carer changed my life and I found myself on an emotional roller-coaster. As I grew older it became more and more apparent to me that there was a real need for open discussion amongst young people around issues that they are facing and the psychological impact it can have on their mental wellbeing. Working in schools with young people and teachers will help breakdown mental health stigma.” 

We work with organisations and governing bodies on influencing change where open discussion on mental health has acceptance.


The Story....

Her passion and love for football began when she was 8 years old, inspired by her twin brother who is her hope and strength.  At the age of 18, due to a series of traumatic events that involve long term bullying, he became depressed and was sectioned under Mental Health.  18 years on, his condition is such that he requires 1:1 care.

In late 2011 Manisha left full-time work when her mum had a heart operation, sister started university and she was completing her Masters Degree in Leadership. She began coaching part-time in schools covering PPA and After Schools clubs.

She recalls the day she returned home from work…..

I saw my brother smile.  He then walked over to my football equipment and said “football….Manisha”.  I paused, took a deep breath and tried to absorb what he had said.  Although a little confused, I immediately knew that there was a connection and that was between me, my brother and football. 

The decision was then made.  Manisha decided to pursue a career in football to help find a trigger for her twin’s recovery from mental illness and use her story and experience as a carer to help others. 

It takes much courage and strength to give up security and aim to work in an industry that poses many challenges, however this for Manisha is about moral responsibility. 

To watch the person you are born with suffer every single day cannot be put into words.  It’s painful beyond belief.  But just because I live in pain, doesn’t mean others have to and my purpose is that others in our wider society are made to feel included and provided with a sense of belonging through the power of the game. 

Football truly has the power to change lives.

Over the last few years, Manisha’s work with Swaggarlicious has seen her win accolades for contribution to community and sport.  In 2013 she was honoured with the Women in Football Award at The Asian Football Awards.  In 2015 she received the Trevor Hutton Community Shield for her work with Girls in Football at St Gregory’s College, NW London.  2016 has seen Manisha merited with an honoury award for Sport and Community with ‘Life Effects’ as well as winning ‘Rising Star in Sport’ with WeAreTheCity.

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