Manisha has an amazing story. She is truly inspirational. There are so many challenges, yet there she is!

- Via Twitter Ashish Joshi, Sky Sports News


“Let me know when I can get my hands on this.  You are amazingly talented, well done”
“Looks very sophisticated”
“I want this!”   

About Swaggarlicious Clothing

  • The Swaggarlicious clothing line is a sports and leisurewear clothing brand designed to make woman and girls feel better about themselves. It’s designed to increase confidence, self-esteem and promote femininity in sportswear.
  • There is a strong link between physical health and mental health. Our mental health and physical well-being impacts upon the way in which we lead our everyday lives. Research shows that sports and exercise releases chemicals in the brain that makes you feel good - boosting self-esteem and confidence.
  • For many women, wearing comfortable yet feminine clothing that makes them both look and feel good when exercising can contribute to increased confidence. This resonates very closely with Manisha which inspired her to create the range and will financially support the Mental Health and Football project, ‘Simply Being’.
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Due to financial constraints, this project is currently in progress and is in need of sponsorship. 

With funding, Manisha can:

  • Develop a range of samples
  • Manufacture the garments
  • Create an online store for purchase

Get in touch to be part of the Swaggarlicious Sportswear Range revolution and support those with Mental Health.

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