February Half-Term Football Camp

The Half Term Football team

The Swaggarlicious Soccer School was back in action during February half-term and yet again, visited The Swaminarayan Mandir, Kingsbury, for a fun-filled few days of football.  Our sponsor, Juvenis – who work to empower and support young people, spoke of our partnership.

“It’s been a pleasure to be able to partner with such an inspirational coach supporting young to reach their potential, football offers a wealth of opportunities for young people and we are proud to sponsor these activities!” Winston Goode – Director, Juvenis

What an absolutely fantastic turn-out on this camp.  The funding from Juvenis has certainly helped me and the Swaminarayan Mandir, Kingsbury, to engage with young people from the community to participate in football. On a personal level, it has been wonderful to see a few girls attend and enjoy playing the game. Following our first soccer school in October 2016, we more than doubled numbers with 15 active participants, which for us is huge in terms of impact.

The young people that participated commented on the social benefits and physical benefits of football.

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“Swaggarlicious changes the way you look at football. It’s not just about being competitive; it’s about being friendly” Kaiyan Malvankar – aged 13

“It was fun and I would like to come back again!” Prisha Vora – aged 7

“I came to the soccer school in October and wanted to come again because last time I had lots of fun and we learned how to keep fit and improve our game”.  Harshil Ratna – aged 10

“I really enjoy football because it’s fun and it gets you active – you don’t get bored of it! Football is not only for boys and I would appreciate it if a few more girls would come and play next time”.  Vristi Govind – aged 11

“I enjoyed playing with my friends and having fun with them on the soccer camp!”.  Maniche Patel – aged 12

Our youngest member of the soccer school highlighted football as his favourite sport!

“I liked that I was scoring into the goal and tackling people. Football is my favourite sport”.  Shann Pindoria – aged 6.

Dilan Mistry, FA Coach, who worked on the Swaggarlicious Soccer School said:

“I think as a coach it’s enjoyable to be around kids that enjoy playing football. I have aspirations of developing further as a coach and feel it’s important that I get involved in working with the community that I am from to give back and show the young people that you can make a career out of football”.

With continued support from Juvenis and The Swaminarayan Mandir, I hope to further grow the community engagement work of Swaggarlicious through the Soccer Schools programme.