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The ‘Wingate & Finchley FC Disabled Fans Forum’ is an initiative that allows football fans from within the local area, who have a disability, in particular mental health, to come together and enjoy the beautiful game in a safe place where they can simply be themselves and support their local football club.  It is designed to promote an active, healthy and independent lifestyle for adults suffering from mental illness.

Our mental health and well-being impacts upon our everyday lives. One in four will experience a mental health problem, with 1 in 10 of those being young people.  We ourselves are most likely to know someone experiencing a mental health problem, however due to the stigma and discrimination experienced by sufferers, they are likely to remain silent.  Mental illness can be caused by a variety of factors such as bullying, bereavement, domestic violence, neglect and emotional, physical or sexual abuse.

Research has shown that sport and exercise releases chemicals in your brain that that make you feel good – boosting your self-esteem and confidence. Through the ‘Wingate & Finchley FC Disabled Fans Forum’, adults will develop social skills in a fun environment in which they feel comfortable and one in which they will not be judged.  The integration and acceptance of all is at the heart of our work.  Football can play a vital role in empowering those with mental illness to channel their thoughts and feelings into something positive.  Football truly has the power to change lives and provide those with mental illness a sense of belonging. 

Through the ‘Wingate & Finchley Disabled Fans Forum’ we aim to provide:

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A Safe Environment

A safe environment that fosters confidence, motivation and the feeling of self-worth

Positive Participation

A variety of sessions that are fun, fostering engagement, positive participation, team work and communication

Healthy & Active

Sessions that promote leading a healthy and active lifestyle


Access to Wingate & Finchley FC games where fans can enjoy watching a live fixture and support their local football club.

Project Sponsors

Fans for Diversity
Freedom for Minds
Wingate and Finchley

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I think it is so important to have projects like ‘Simply Being’ for outside interaction and the wellbeing of these youths. They have the chance to engage with other members of the community, play sports and keep fit – just their general wellbeing. People should definitely fund this project as it prevents those affected by Mental Health from becoming sedentary or becoming couch potatoes. Thanks to Wingate & Finchley, they also get to watch their local side play football and it gives them something to aspire to when playing.

Carer for Mental Health – Lifeways

I had fun, it was cool. I’d love to do it again. I used a lot of energy and had lots of fun today. It showed me that I need to get outdoors more and play football. I really want to come to another session. It helped me get out of the house, thank you

Mental Health service user – Lifeways

It was very helpful and important. It helps you with your coordination, to focus, have fun and it keeps you fit. It doesn’t make any difference whether you’re a boy or a girl, everyone is equal. You can learn from each other, hopefully we can get more people involved.

Ellie R
Barnet Mental Health

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