Meet Brondby and Arsenal FC fan, Arun Rajkumar, a football coach and scout, at Brondby FC, based in Denmark.

Arun has two key inspirations, his mother and his best friend. His mother is his biggest fan and motivation. She has given up many of her own dreams and ambitions to dedicate her time to taking care of him and his brother.

“She wishes everyone only the best. Her enormous passion for sports is indescribable. Which I have inherited from her. She has played badminton, table tennis, athletics, and many other sports. Her support during bad times is enormously significant. Huge inspiration”.

In helping him forge a career as a football coach, Arun describes his best friend Ahillan, as a mentor; someone who pushes him and teaches him lessons important to life.

“He has knowledge of everything and can really understand other people’s strengths and weaknesses. He is the only person who has identified my passion for football and has motivated me to pursue my passion. An inspiring person and friend”.

As a coach, Arun’s primary job is to coach football players. He works in a team of 8 people across the U9-U12 age groups, who, on a daily basis, work closely together to: educate, develop and help football players in one of Scandinavia’s largest football clubs. In addition, he have several scouting assignments where he, along with his team, tries to identify players with great potential who can fit into the ethos of the club.

When asked about strategies that he has found helpful in overcoming adversity, he spoke about discipline, meditation and lifestyle.

“For me, it has been incredibly important to have self-discipline to achieve accomplishments in life. I meditate every morning for 5-10 minutes, trying to remind myself why I have chosen to be a coach and why I love what I do. It gives me a good start to the day and the energy is at its peak. So, when adversity comes, meditation and overcoming negative thoughts is especially important to me. Besides that, I go for a walk in an hour every day. Here I disconnect and renew the energy. A year ago, I did not have an hour available because I used social media a lot. I have now deleted them and now I have more time for myself and my health. Many close friends found this strange, and questioned why I have chosen to change my lifestyle – but the result has been all worth it in the fight against adversity”.

What key learning would you pass on to other aspiring women in football?

Arun believes that it is important to remove ones ego and arrogance. Patience and striving to develop, no matter what industry you are in is important, particularly for self-growth. In addition, self-discipline, in his opinion, is the key to seeing progression in your career. If you have an hour where you do not know what to do, use them to improve your skills.

He also suggests seeking out networks to gain knowledge.

Arun’s key learnings and lessons to impart on others are:

“It does not hurt, and it does not cost anything. It is an investment for yourself and no matter what, you can only get positive things from it. Finally, do not be afraid, no matter your gender or ethnicity. If you have the professionalism and personality right, then people can’t stop you. Find a mentor who can guide you and motivate you. The journey is long and hard, you need to have someone behind you who should give you a push when you are about to stop”.

You can find out more about Arun LinkedIn:

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/arun-rajkumar-7989a5144/

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