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Meet Manchester City fan, Shefali Gokhale, a digital content intern at Hyderabad FC, based in India.

As a youngster, she always admired her sister’s zeal for giving her best to everything she set out to do. As they grew older, Shefali got to see first-hand how her sister ensures perfection in work and everyday life. “

I’ve rarely ever seen a work ethic like hers, but that’s not even what inspires me the most about her. It’s the fact that even on days when she gets off work at 2am, she’ll be sure to check that your day went well and if it didn’t, she’ll have your favourite pastry waiting for you. I aspire to achieve this amount of attention to detail, both at work and in my relationships”. 

Funnily enough, writing blogs on the internet telling their readers to go and chase their big dream have also been a sudden source of inspiration to get Shefali’s life together and apply for that dream internship of hers.

As a digital content intern at a football club in the Indian Super League, Shefali creates content surrounding the club’s games. Through her pieces, she provides analysis on the opposition and identifies their key players before the match.

“After the match, I write about our strengths in the game and discuss possible areas of improvement for the team. I keep track of the club’s milestones along with players’ individual statistics which also enables me to write better researched articles”.

Additionally, Shefali helps in maintaining relations with the fans through social media engagement and personal interactions through the club’s social media handle.

When asked about strategies she has used to overcome adversity, Shefali paid gratitude to her family for ensuring that she has been able to manage with whatever life has thrown at her.

“I have been through low phases in my life and I have found that seeking help from loved ones has almost always allowed me to overcome the problem in a better manner. On other days, when I think that hasn’t helped, I have had conversations with myself to understand how I’m feeling and how I can change or work around the situation”.  

Here are Shefali’s key learnings to help others:

“I have been privileged to have worked with people who not only make me feel comfortable, but also do not make a big fuss about the fact that I’m a woman working in the football industry. On the contrary, when I played football with the boys in college or displayed my knowledge on any aspect of the game, there was always the hint of surprise because I knew a lot or played really well for a woman. As an aspiring woman in the football landscape, I have learned that it is important to engage in discourse to shut down this frequent distinction to make it easier for me as well as other women in the industry”.

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