Meet Arsenal FC fan, Tayyiba Yunus, a footballer for Frenford & MSA Women FC based in England.

Individuals in the world of football who have crossed paths with Tayyiba over the past few years have all inspired her to get back into football.

“I didn’t think that it would be possible to get back into football, so it has been amazing to learn about the journey of Frenford & MSA and other teams in our league. Our team committee especially, are great inspirations”.

Tayyiba feels that there is a real sense of community formed at Frenford & MSA which she says is down to the belief and persistent efforts of all those involved in making it happen.

“They have inspired me to get back into football again and also give back to continue improving opportunities for females in football”.

Tayyiba plays football for Frenford & MSA Women FC. This involves playing in 5 a-side games every week in the Super 5 League.  The team have recently started 11 a-side football too. In addition to being a player, she writes weekly match reports covering all Frenford & MSA matches in the intermediate league.

Perhaps a journalist in the making?

When asked about strategies that she has used to enable her to overcome adversity, she said that the most useful strategy has been to always take a step back and review the situation.

“This helps put it into perspective and allows me to reflect on the adversity and work on learning from it, rather than getting stuck in a negative mind set. Also, it is great to get advice from more experienced individuals who have been through similar situations”.

Tayyiba also places importance on being mentally prepared for difficulties as she feels it helps with reacting to them in a calm and rational manner.

Tayyiba’s key learnings and lessons to impart on others are:

I’ve learned how important it is to have self-belief. Particularly in the South Asian community, where women’s football is not mainstream and it’s very easy to be held back by the common barriers we face. Developing self-belief in your own abilities, whatever your role is within football, will help you to enjoy yourself and continue to develop without the constant feeling that you don’t belong”.

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