Manisha Tailor MBE continues to inspire at Goldsmiths Women’s FC…

Manisha Tailor has taken the football industry by storm ever since she embarked on a career change in 2011.

Since graduating from Goldsmiths University in 2001, Manisha has gone on to experience many roles within the world of education and sport.  She initially worked as a primary school teacher and gained experience in different boroughs [in London] and school settings such as state, private and special measures.

Manisha became the ‘Head’ of various departments including leading one of her schools in attaining the Outstanding Accreditation in Science as well as gaining my National Professional Qualification for Headship (NPQH) in 2011.  She subsequently completing her MA in Leadership that same year whilst working as a Deputy Headteacher in a Church of England school.

After working as a teacher and qualified to be a head teacher, she felt it was time to change direction. Juggling a full time job and caring for her Brother who is recovering from a mental breakdown, Manisha made the brave decision to leave her post and work in a field that is extremely close to her heart: Football.

It is through football that her most cherished memories of her Brother lie. Being the other part of a twin and spending the majority of her early life joined at the hip, her Brother’s break down left her and her family devastated.

Manisha wasn’t sure what to expect but through her willingness, determination and passion for sport she took the risk with the hope that it may impact positively upon her brother’s recovery.  She is now Queens Park Rangers FC Academy Coach and founder of her own football organisation Swaggarlicious, along with various other freelance projects. She was awarded an MBE in 2017 for her services to diversity and football.

More recently, Manisha has become involved with her old University as an alumni volunteer to support the women’s football team , Goldsmiths FC.  She has since been appointed Ambassador for the team aiding them in gaining sponsorship, representing the team at various events, delivering coaching sessions and plenty more along the way.

Goldsmiths Women’s Football is a university team that has developed massively over the last year to become something quite special. Not only do they play football to a high standard, winning their BUCS [British University and Colleges Sports] league, Varsity and taking second place in LUSL [London Universities Sports League], they are also proud to have created a supportive, inclusive and loving footballing community. People are at the heart of what they do.  They currently have around 50 active members, increasing from 34 last season and from 17 the previous season.

Kiki Bustos Goldsmiths Women’s Football – Club President  says this about the club:

The support systems, social networks and stability of routine generated are fantastic byproducts of playing the sport we all love. Football unites us all regardless of the diverse perspectives and experiences we have of life so far. We support many campaigns close to our heart such as Stonewalls rainbow laces, Kick it out and This Girl Can. We have also recently created links with Renaissance FC, a team of boys who are seeking asylum in the UK as we believe football to be a powerful tool to change attitudes and help support our refugee community in London.


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