Manisha Tailor supports the ‘Klick it Out’ campaign

One of the key aims of the Klick It Out campaign is to raise awareness about the impact online discrimination can have on the victims.

As part of a series running throughout our campaign, we’ve talked to fans, players and broadcasters, most of whom are united in both their love of football and their experience of discriminatory abuse on social media.

Manisha Tailor, UEFA B Licensed Coach and CEO of a football and mental health company called Swaggarlicious, discussed her journey into coaching, suffering discrimination online and the importance of the Klick It Out campaign.

Throughout her years working in the education sector as a Head Teacher, Manisha Tailor always had one eye on football.

“I’ve had an interest in football since I was young,” she said. “Coaching was a natural transition because of my experience in teaching so I started to coach afterschool clubs and setting lunchtime clubs within my teaching capacity.

In 2011, due to personal circumstances, Manisha made that transition a permanent one, launching her own football company. Swaggarlicious, among several other objectives, seeks to engage more women and girls into football, as well as promote an active, healthy and independent lifestyle for those suffering from mental illness.

Manisha is passionate about her work and evidently gets a lot out of working with young people.

“My love for young people is the very reason that I got into teaching,” she said. “In relation to coaching, the thing I most enjoy is enabling young players to learn and seeing them flourish – giving them an opportunity to develop as individuals.”….



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