slum soccer and swaggarlicious

This year, with much excitement, Swaggarlicious welcomed Slum Soccer as a charity partner.  What drew me to the charity is their commitment to helping young people in India through the power of football – a sport loved by so many across the world.

slum soccer girls with swaggarlicious tshirtRecent winners of the prestigious FIFA Diversity Awards, Slum Soccer, uses football to help homeless and slum communities by teaching them life-skills in a place free of discrimination, a place that provides participants with hope and purpose – all through kicking a football.

The projects that I am looking forward to supporting are ‘Woman Development’ and ‘Young Stars’.

“In a country like India, women have always been kept away from sports. As we know that development through sport has a huge potential, extending the football program to women would drastically improve our chances to tackle gender inequality issues effectively. Women football development is in practice in three of our centres at Slum Soccer.”

Through ‘Woman Development’, they conduct daily football training sessions for women and the participation of India in the Homeless World Cup has hugely improved the effectiveness of this program.

“We expect that in years to come women stand an equal chance in the sports as well as in the society” – Slum Soccer

‘Young stars’ is Slum Soccer’s main player development projects and is currently implemented at the Koradi centre. The aim of the project is to provide football training to the participants to bring them together and to ensure that they are provided with basic education. Slum Soccer has been relentlessly working to improve the education standards in the target area by attempting to put drop-outs back into school and has achieved success in many cases so far.

“Currently we are associated with three schools from Nagpur who are providing us with the participants and the ground to conduct the football training. Over years we have seen a lot of children back into the academic curriculum and are continuing football training with us on a daily basis” Slum Soccer


For Diwali this year, I donated football training kit to the charity, which was given to the women, girls and young people within their centres.  This consisted of football boots, bibs, t-shirts and shorts.

I am super excited to be currently working on my 2017 Slum Soccer kit donation and want to wish all those involved in the charity a very happy new year!