Wellbeing Programmes

Our Wellbeing programmes recognise the importance of raising awareness of mental health. It is an initiative that provides education on championing mental health and wellbeing through:

  • Student workshops

  • Adult training

  • Online webinar series

  • Public Speaking

  • 50 Wellbeing Lessons for the Diverse Primary Classroom: Teaching Through Inclusive Practice

Becoming a young carer changed my life and I found myself on an emotional roller-coaster. As I grew older it became more and more apparent to me that there was a real need for open discussion amongst young people around issues that they are facing and the psychological impact it can have on their mental wellbeing. Working in schools with young people and teachers will help breakdown mental health stigma.

We work with organisations and governing bodies on influencing change where open discussion on mental health has acceptance.

Our monthly webinar series is focused on helping to tackle mental health stigma in Diverse Communities. Each month we invite a range of guest speaks to share knowledge and experience around the subject. Details of each webinar can be found through our social media platforms.

50 Wellbeing Lessons for the Diverse Primary Classroom: Teaching Through Inclusive Practice, written by our founder, Manisha Tailor MBE, is a resource aimed at supporting teachers to promote mental health through an introduction of a broad and diverse curriculum. The teaching activities can be used as a tool for providing children with opportunities to explore feelings, empathy, growth mindset, develop coping strategies as well as ways of keeping themselves healthy and safe.

50 Wellbeing Lessons for the Diverse Primary Classroom: Teaching Through Inclusive Practice is available in April 2021.

“We are proud to be working with Manisha Tailor MBE and have the support of The FA on this flagship programme which focuses on developing champions of character who aim to be champions of change – changing attitudes towards living with mental health issues. Utilising the medium of football the young men from Reading School are passionate about being advocates and ambassadors for tackling mental health. The key message is that it is good to talk and important to listen. We need to listen to young people and act to support them.”

Ashley Robson Headmaster Reading School

“The webinar was an eye-opener and highlighted the importance of open dialogue.  There is so much that I hadn’t thought about.”

Webinar Attendee

“We aim to remove the stigma around mental health problems in young people. Sport is universal and a great medium for change in attitude about universal health problems that many people experience. All around the country, sport is an outlet for stress relief and expression so if we can harness sport’s power then we can change the game.”

Champions of Character student body  

“Manisha’s  ‘Child in Mind’ workshop enabled children from Years 1 to Year 6 to better understand their feelings and emotions through safe discussions and role-play. The contexts of these workshops enabled the children to be very open and honest about their emotions regarding a range of sometimes very personal and challenging circumstances.  Through these workshops, both teachers and students learnt more about themselves, about resilience and about the importance of mental well-being. Many of the insightful comments from the children regarding how they feel their lives have changed for the better when they utilised resilience will stay with me for a long time.”
Kathryn Raney, Year 6 Teacher, Wilberforce Primary School

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