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Manisha Tailor MBE, Founder of Swaggarlicious

Football has a universal language that can help bring different communities of people together.  Using football to create cohesion is a key part of our work

The game has certainly changed over the last decade and women's football is continuing to evolve. There are greater opportunities for girls to play football through a structured talent pathway. We also have increasing visibility and now need access to wider job opportunities


Educator | Speaker | Football Coach | Author




Breaking down barriers and challenging the norm. This is what we do, every day.




Everyone has a story to share and tell. It’s not all just about football.




A safe environment that fosters confidence, motivation and the feeling of self-worth

Public Speaking

Video introduction

If you would like a driven and successful individual who is challenging stereotypes, is UEFA B Licensed coach and a qualified head teacher, Manisha Tailor is ideal to fit the role of guest speaker or to make a public appearance at your event.


  • “Manisha is a top role model for women in football”

    Shelley Alexander
    BBC editorial lead on Women’s Sport
  • Manisha is a wonderfully dedicated individual who has a tremendous passion and desire to achieve in football. She will continue to progress and I have no doubt she will achieve all of her ambitions. Being featured on sky sports on numerous occasions, this is national exposure for a beautifully eloquent person who understands football. And that is not easy. As I have said before, skies the limit

    Troy Townsend
    Leadership and Mentoring Manager - Kick it Out
  • I read your blog with Female Coaching Network Manisha and you should be proud of what you have achieved. You are in your arena! In a position to fail everyday to an audience and you DO IT daily with confidence and execution. Well done as it is not an easy task. Not an easy option either. Not everyone can stand up in front of groups of people and deliver a session. Superb and respect.

    Kevin Randall
    Head of Academy at ‘Soccer Chance Academy’
  • Manisha Tailor is a strong and ambitious disability football coach, who is determined to make a difference to the lives of the under-privileged, using the power of football to enable social and confidence skills. When things don’t go her way she picks herself up and moves forward positively and by doing this earns the respect of many of her peers. Her organised approach to training reaches out to people of all ages and makes a significant difference to their lives. I feel very proud to have worked with her and seen her win many accolades for this life changing work. She is one of the highest skilled female coaches in the country. This is all down to her drive and ambition to keep learning and teaching. She is one of a kind.

    Jas Jassal
    Co-Founder Inventive Sports
  • Manisha is a selfless, inspirational individual, who has used her personal challenges to provide hope and guidance to others facing similar situations. Her integrity and passion are admirable and listening to her podcast really had an impact on me. Manisha, you should be really proud of all your achievements and you are living proof that if you really believe in something, you can achieve your goal’s despite the obstacles that you may be faced with.

    Raj Sangha
  • You are an inspiration in football, to not just women, but to everyone who has a vision and need guidance.

    Founder of Shoot the Defence
Wingate and Finchley
Female Coaching Network
Jubo Dhol
Slum Soccer